C-Light D 120V – The Professional Economical Daylight Source For DSLR Video and Cinematography

BOULDER, COLORADO (October 8, 2013)

Many photographers use the versatile video functions of their DSLR cameras and the demand for videos to be used on web pages and in advertising is increasing rapidly. Despite its many advantages, especially with regards to efficiency and controllability, flash has one disadvantage: it is not suitable for film and video recordings.

This is why Hensel has introduced the C-Light D, a compact continuous daylight source that accepts all light modifiers of the popular EH system. It enables photographers and videographers to work in their usual manner with their existing reflectors, lightbanks, soft boxes, umbrellas, etc. At the same time, a more direct control of light characteristics can be achieved than is possible with conventional continuous light systems or any LED light source.

The color temperature of the special 150 W metal vapor lighting fixture equals daylight. The light intensity corresponds to a 650 W halogen lamp due to its high efficiency. Therefore, the light production is sufficient for many applications and allows you to work with – depending on light former and distance – a selective depth of field.

The C-Light D operates with a state-of-the-art, super silent fan. Live-sound recordings are much easier this way. Because of the integrated low-noise fan, C-Light D’s can be used in almost any position, even facing 45° downwards.

The lifespan of the metal vapor lamp is approximately 6000 hrs. and is dramatically longer than the lifespan of traditional halogen lamps.

The C-Light D has a sturdy metal housing with tilt-bracket, umbrella holder and handle. Its low weight and small dimensions make it ideal for mobile use.

The C-Light D includes a protective glass, transport cover and a changeable 16 ft power cable. Its Hensel EH connection system ensures fast and safe exchange of all light modifiers. The affordable price makes this a worthwhile investment even for photographers who produce videos on a limited basis.

The C-Light D complements the proven artificial light source C-Light 1000 that has a1000-Watt halogen lamp. Deliveries of the Hensel C-Light D 120V will start in spring 2014.

POWER MAX LITHIUM – The Reliable And Portable Mobile Power Supply For Hensel Compact Flash Units

BOULDER, COLORADO (October 8, 2013)

Portrait, wedding, editorial and industrial photographers are working more on location, often far away from a reliable source of power with their compact flash units.

Though the popular shoe mount flashes are lightweight and convenient, their light output and light distribution are limited. Especially when working in bright sunlight or with larger soft boxes and Lightbanks, their output performance is often not sufficient and recycling times are slow. Many high-quality light modifiers are not even available for these so-called “speedlights”.

In addition to the dependable, top-of-the-line Porty L battery generators, Hensel now offers the Power Max L, an up-to-date and reliable mobile power supply for current Hensel compact flash units.

Due to the use of cutting-edge technology and an advanced lithium battery, the Power Max L is one of the smallest and lightest units in its class. It weighs only 10.14 lb including battery and measures just 7.8 x 9.0 x 8.5”, making it ideal for use on location. The performance data is also absolutely convincing: a capacity of up to 440 flashes at 500 Ws per battery charge is exemplary and allows for uninterrupted work.

An integrated, easily legible load display allows optimized and safe operation of the Power L Max. The battery can be exchanged quickly and is identical to the version in Porty-L generators. It has a separate capacity indicator and charges completely in just 2 hours.

Compared to available individual compact flashes with integrated rechargeable batteries, the weight of flash heads remains comparatively low when using them with a Power Max L and existing, time-tested compact flash units when used off-grid.

This device was developed especially for the latest Hensel compact flash units. Two flash units of the Integra Mini, Integra Plus or Expert D series can be simultaneously connected. Furthermore, it is possible to operate a Speed Max (the unrivalled compact flash unit with the shortest flash duration times of up to 1/66,600 sec.) or up to two of the new C-Light D continuous light sources. An intelligent protective circuit prevents damage to the connected units.

Deliveries of the 120V version start in October 2013.


BOULDER, COLORADO (June 17, 2013)

The Chimera Company, (www.chimeralighting.com), the U.S. manufacturer of Chimera professional lighting control lightbanks, speed rings, and modifiers, and Hensel-Visit GmbH & Co KG, (www.hensel.de), manufacturer of professional photographic flash and lighting equipment, announced today an agreement through which the two companies will coordinate their operations in the U.S. The newly formed, Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC will act as the exclusive distributor of the Hensel product line in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, effective July 1, 2013.

The distribution relationship will leverage the strengths of two of the professional imaging industry’s leading lighting companies to allow the sales, marketing and customer support divisions to provide higher levels of service. The transaction will combine Chimera and Hensel USA distribution channels and sales forces. Additionally, customer support, service operations, marketing and administration will be combined into a single operation. The agreement is an expansion of both companies’ relationship with photographic dealers, photographers and customers to increase the development of their brands in the professional imaging market.

Bob Winters, president of the Chimera Company, will lead the Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC as president and chief operating officer. Mark Mather will join Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC as Director of Sales and Marketing. Eileen Healy, Vice President of Sales for Chimera Company will work with Mark to help integrate the personnel and services.

“Our goal is to provide image makers with the best equipment and accessories possible to create inspiring images,” said Winters. “Joining forces to create Chimera Imaging Solutions allows us to form a larger customer service organization to accomplish our goal of providing the best level of products and support for our highly valued customers.”

“The United States is one of the most important markets for professional lighting equipment. Many American photographers use Hensel products for almost every photographic application, from portrait, fashion to still life. With Chimera, the renowned experts in photo, video and motion picture lighting as our new U.S. distributor, we strengthen our market position in the United States and are able to optimize our support for dealers and users” said Guido Puttkammer, Managing Director/Hensel-Visit GmbH.

Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC will conduct business out of the existing Chimera Company offices in Boulder, Colorado.

The Chimera Company represents the Chimera products (“Perfect Lighting”), and Hensel USA represents the Hensel-Visit (“Performing Light”) products manufactured by Hensel-Visit GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.

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